The World’s Most Modernized Hotels

With the plethora of BnBs and boutique hotels that are emerging in the market, we thought that a bit of traveling inspiration could be a great idea. Hotels that are top of the line can be an opulent lavish and expensive experience, but in the modern times we live in present, you can enjoy an affordable vacation that offers the same luxurious amenities and even more privacy. These hotels are among some of the newest and most stunning in the world. they will be packed in no time, we promise!

The World’s Most Modernized Hotels

Hotel Habita Monterrey- Mexico

The exterior of the hotel appears to be a huge concrete structure, but modern might not be the word that is immediately thought of. On the inside, you are in awe of a swan-shaped lounge and a monochromatic minimalist design that is clean and sleek. The furniture is modern and the pool is stunning. With views of the city, and such a modern, clean design, it’s no wonder the place to be for.

The Mira Mira Hong Kong

The Mira is located in Central Tsim She Tsui. The color scheme is comprised of shades of red, silver green, purple, and silver- guests can choose which color they prefer based on their mood and mood at that particular moment. The hotel has chic pieces of furniture and egg chairs made by Arne Jacobson, as well as in some rooms, heavy bed frames that give an extremely linear feeling. The hotel also features a renowned spa.

The Kube HotelThe Kube Hotel Paris

The hotel can blend contemporary design with a softer and more romantic feel. The hotel is well-lit throughout with LED lighting that changes and adjusts according to ambient or peace. The rooms are modern and traditional in design with beds suspended from the ceiling with simple wooden frames. They also have wall surfaces that are textured. The hotel also has an amazing restaurant, a nightclub as well as an impressive wine cellar, which houses more than 10,000 bottles.

Yas Hotel- Abu Dhabi

The hotel is situated in Marina waters, this hotel is famous for having the biggest LD show in the entire world. It is more expensive because it was listed as one of the most luxurious hotels around the globe. Two distinct structures joined with a steel and glass bridge connecting the hotel. One is constructed on a race track and the second is situated alongside the Marina. The hotel is a blend of motion, speed, and motion within its design. With its encapsulating chandeliers as well as floor-length windows, the furniture, the hotel is modern and stunning.

La Monnaie Art & Spa Hotel- La Rochelle

Rooms, hallways, and other spaces function as galleries for owners since they are well-designed with modern art. The art collection is believed to be a tiny part of the owners’ art collection. The art is usually altered and updated every few months, giving the hotel a fresh appearance. The hotel is surrounded by France’s largest yacht marina. The atmosphere is tranquil lavish, elegant, and stunning. The hotel has a plethora of colors, a variety of lighting, and furniture that are distinctive and modern, yet enjoyable overall feel. It is a stunning sight and a lot of attention to the smallest of details has been given.

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