The Coolest Ice Hotels Around The Globe

Many travelers would rather spend their time on a remote island or exploring the stunning cities in Europe. Some like taking breaks and heading out to the top Ice hotels around the world. If you’re one of those who are looking for experiencing the most amazing winter-themed trip We have the right guide for you! Offering unique lodging options located in the most beautiful remote locations around the globe, there’s absolutely nothing as amazing as these ice hotels. Read on to find out exactly what we’re talking about.

The Coolest Ice Hotels Around The Globe

Snow Village-Kittila Village, Finland

The hotel is located in the Lapland forest, the stunning snow village offers two lodging options: either a comfortable cabin or an Ice Suite. The hotel has a wide range of suites that cater to a variety of travelers from across the globe. Additionally, the delicious delicacies that originate from Lapland dominate the ice eateries and the local, hand-crafted Nordic products are a to try. It is a pleasure to wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy the candlelit ambiance. If you are looking for some of the most memorable experiences on the planet visit Finland!

Hotel de Glace, Canada

The Hotel de Glace which is situated in Quebec, Canada is quite popular, and not only because it is rebuilt from frozen up each year. It’s also known as the only hotel that is ice-free located in North America – which signifies that the rooms are highly sought-after. With 42 different Ice rooms and some of these luxurious suites are even equipped with an indoor sauna and fireplace. This remarkable hotel provides guests with a tranquil and unique experience. A mixture of thirty thousand tonnes of snow, and 500 tons of ice, the hotel can take about one month to construct with the help of metal cranes. Hotel de Glace has also been named an ideal 10 ideal locations for weddings. The hotel has handled hundreds of weddings, since its debut in 2001. The hotel is only open in the winter months from January through March, so be sure to reserve your wedding early.

Ice Hotel, Japan

The next stop is Ice Hotel which is located in Hokkaido, Japan. This luxurious hotel seems to improve each year. It is made entirely of snow and a genuine winter wonderland, everyone in the family can take pleasure in the whole experience. With a plethora full of “things that you could do” and activities, you’ll never need to leave. 20 restaurants sit down and snowboard, ice skating, or skiing, as well as an animal petting Zoo. It is worth noting that the Ice Hotel is available for a short period in the winter months, which means that rooms and igloos are booked fast.

Iglu-Dorf, Switzerland

There are many Iglu-Dorf spots throughout Switzerland and each has different options for lodging. But, all of them guarantee 50 percent snow + 30 percent sun + 20% stars in the sky = 100 Iglu-Dorf. The stunning and luxurious hotels will surely provide all guests with an unforgettable experience. There are a variety of options, including a traditional igloo, or if you prefer, you can stay in their luxurious Ice Suites. And that’s not all. guests can unwind in one of the warm wellness huts with saunas. Restaurants and bars are also highly rated by past guests.

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